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Social Justice Advocate.  Researcher, Writer, Editor in Gifted Education. Lifelong Learner.

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Know your babies. Affectively. Behaviorally. Culturally. Developmentally. Educationally.

Open your eyes. Observe. Reflect. Act.

You've got to first Be Love, so that you can get to Be Challenging.

Be an Upstander not a Bystander.

Don't make assumptions.

Ask questions.

Listen without planning your response, just listen.

Play. Often.

Cultural awareness, responsiveness, proficiency, agility... it all exists on a continuum; it takes work, or you slide. 

Keep learning.

Teach for growth. 

Self-care is essential. Take care of you.

Be the change.

We all need windows and mirrors to grow; don't assume they're only for kids.

As a teacher, you're one stop on a long road...but the memories made and emotions experienced leave a lasting impression. Love the journey.

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I am an Associate Professor in the College of Education where I am the AIG (that's NC for gifted) Coordinator.

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