20 emails or more a day... but what's missing?

This is not a resources post. This is one of those blogs where I write about what I'm thinking. Turn away now if you're hoping for the good stuff. I've gotten emails from professional organizations to food chains. Black Lives Matter. Condemning racism. Hell, even the NFL said they were wrong. Of course, Goodell didn't mention Colin Kaepernick by name or capitalize the B in Black. So I count that as a non-apology, like when my kids scream "sorry" at the top of their lungs at e

Black Lives Matter.

Just to be clear. Black Lives Matter. On Tuesday, June 2, the Twitter (and I think all social media, but my work life revolves around the Twitter. And yes, I call it "the" Twitter; moving on) went "black". Black squares were posted, profile pictures were changed, the music industry declared it was going dark, all to support Black Lives Matter. I considered changes my profile picture to a black box as well. I decided instead that to support Black Lives Matter I would change my


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